The Green Crack Strain Delta 8 THC Flower


Strain: Sativa

Fragrance: Citrus, earth, sweet

Effects: Energy, focus, creativity, uplifting effect – extremely energetic (almost overwhelming)

Green Crack is an iconic cannabis sativa strain that is generally referred to as ‘Kush’ or ‘Green Kush’ and is originally thought to have emerged out of Athens, Georgia in the ’late 70s. Green Crack is a sativa dominant cross between Skunk #1, Sweet Leaf Indica and the Afghani Landrace strains. While its Green Crack’s lineage can be up for debate, its heavy hitting and deeply sedating effects do not. Green Crack is regarded as an incredible daytime strain that enhances energy, focus and mood. This strain is like diesel fuel to creatives and those who love the arts.

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